What Makes Subscription Boxes Successful?

Beauty subscription brands grew by 800% between 2014 and 2017. In the US alone, there are about 5.7 million subscription box shoppers. So what is it about beauty boxes that continue to attract more and more people? Hitwise found that the typical subscription box shopper in the US is a female with a college degree, liberal politics, a household income of over $100,000, and has children between ages three and five.

Subscription Demographics, Hitwise

These shoppers do not only want to buy products they are looking for, they want to learn and get excited about new products. One thing subscription box services have done well with is personalization. They are not afraid to ask customers for information in order to personalize their boxes, and their customers love that. Beauty subscription box brands have also excelled at creating unique and defined personalities for their brands, without the help of brick and mortar stores. They have done this by establishing clearly defined voices throughout social media, websites, and mobile applications. Lastly, people love getting presents. Being able to count on receiving a present at least once a month is a major draw for subscription box customers.

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