Specialty Chemical Company Launches Entrepreneur Partnership Platform

Symrise, a specialty chemical company in both the beauty care and the food and beverage industries, launched a new, innovative platform called Califormulations for their beverage sector. Califormulations partners with beverage entrepreneurs to help bring their ideas to life. Symrise believes that indie entrepreneurs are experts in their own ideas, but that they lack the business experience and technology needed to succeed. Califormulations would give indie founders access to “knowledge, new technologies, purchasing scale and resources not normally available to emerging brands” with the partnership.

What does this have to do with the beauty and cosmetics care industry? What Symrise is doing in their beverage division could also transcend to the cosmetics, personal care, or fragrance sectors. With startup culture being the latest trend in the beauty care industry, it would not be surprising if large companies started to get involved in the indie movement by partnering with entrepreneurs “beyond considering the (indie) brands as acquisition targets”.

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