Naturals and Organics in Beauty and Personal Care

Naturals and organics have had enormous growth and have proven to be key players in the beauty care industry. In 2017, this corner of the market had great innovation and displayed many areas for potential expansion. One possible trend within the naturals and organics market are allergy-free products. Natural does not always mean that it is good for everyone’s skin, allergy safe products are becoming increasingly popular as more people become aware of the specific ingredients in their makeup. In general, brands are redefining what “natural” means, making room for more labels. “The use of natural ingredients in formulations does not necessarily mean that the product is more sustainable, environmentally friendly or has less allergenic potential, it only means that it comes from nature” stated Maria Coronado, the Senior Ingredients Analyst at Euromonitor. Another future trend in naturals and organics is the key role that biotechnology will play. Brands will utilize biotechnology in order to meet the high demand for more natural beauty ingredients.

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