Male Grooming Market on the Rise

The recently extended partnership between Nivea Men and Real Madrid is one of the many indications that male grooming is a growing industry. Nivea started the partnership in 2013 in order to reach a target demographic that was not always easy to reach. According to Nivea, “positioning Nivea Men and its care products in this environment enables a powerful, emotional bond with the male target group.” Nivea released an international study with the following insights into the male grooming category:

  • 71% of men have more trust in the quality and performance of products or brands when they know that they are being used by professionals.
  • 92% of men consider feeling good in their skin as relevant for their performance, be it in sports or at work.
  • 79% of men confirm that sport professionals and their preparation routines are a valuable source of inspiration to enhance their own preparation and performance.

Read the full article at Cosmetics Design.

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