A Trend in Anti-Pollution Protection Products

While there have not been many brands adding anti-pollution protection products to their offerings, the customer demand for them has increased. One indie brand, Glo Skin Beauty, has taken advantage of this demand by offering several products with anti-pollution protection claims. Recently, they added a new anti-pollution product called the ‘Daily Power C’, which utilizes plant stem cells. The product ingredients include over 15% Vitamin C, Kakadu Plum, Oxidized Gluthathione, and the new plant stem cell ingredient called City stem. While Glo Skin Beauty is only one brand, many market analysts believe the anti-pollution protection market to have untapped potential in Europe. The UK has seen a 30% rise in sales of products that include anti-pollution claims, a figure that should rise with time. According to Mintel, both the Asian and US markets are even further ahead in the anti-pollution protection trend than Europe.

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