How Can BMG Help Your Business?

Are you a US based manufacturer looking to expand your footprint? Are you an international manufacturer hoping to break into the US market? Or are you an entrepreneur with an excellent product, but find it challenging getting onto the shelves of retailers? We work with health and beauty care businesses of all sizes. Find out how we can help you by choosing an option below that best describes your business.

What We Do

Serve a limited number of client’s sales and marketing efforts in our marketplace.

This allows us to put our full attention on each, individual client. At BMG, we do not push as many products into the marketplace as possible. We take in a select number of clients and put our full energy and focus into serving them. We take the time to do consumer research for all our clients. Retailers will say they do not have space for your product on their shelves. It is our job to prove to them wrong through advanced analytics.

Manage domestic manufacturers US sales and marketing efforts.

Even though we are selling, our strength and discipline is in advanced analytics. We take the brands of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large organizations and show through analytics and sales trends that these brands should be on the shelves of major retailers. We are experts at showing US retailers what they are not currently seeing through consumer research data.

It is the manufacturers responsibility to prove there is a “white space” in the category that has significant commercial value and that your product is directly positioned against that white space, while also bringing incremental volume to the category. Instead of showing that your product is the highest quality product, we use data to show buyers that your product will sell. Retailers do not care about the quality of the product. If they are confident that it will sell, they will take it. Our strength is being able to move these corporations to action.

Manage international manufacturer entry into the US marketplace.

International companies face a unique set of challenges when entering the US marketplace. Because of many factors, such as currency and pricing differences, product positioning is not the same when moving products into US retailers. In most cases, the market position is already occupied by another brand. International businesses often do not even own the trademark for their brand in the United States. We manage these challenges for our international clients. We control the logistics, along with the warehouse and product inventory. For international brands, we essentially take on the role of US general manager. If you are an international business looking to break into the US market, you have come to the right place. We can get you into major US retailers and help manage the entire process.


We conduct online consumer research and collect data that our competitors do not have. We use our data to show that specific products should be on the shelves of a retailer. We succeed because we know the data better than the buyers and the retailers. An entrepreneur may have the best product, but we are able to show the consumer need of that product with the data we have collected. We get products onto shelves by taking every objection away from buyers.

Connection to private equity

One thing that differentiates us from our competitors is our strong connections to private equity. In order to sell to retailers, companies in this industry need access to capital. We know the people who have capital and who are looking for businesses to invest in. Private equity is a wonderful way to receive money and get help and advice from business experts who will invest in your company. If you have the end goal of making your company profitable and appealing enough to sell to private equity, we can help you with the first part and then also connect you with the right people to get your company more capital.

Connection to Retailers

By engaging BMG, you will have immediate access to the retailer hierarchy. We have strong connections with major retailers. Our clients get full penetration of our retail partners at all levels. Major retailers know us and trust us. We can take your product to our partners and show them why they need it placed on their shelves. The data we collect is what will win them over, but our connections to these retailers will help to start the conversation.

Passion for industry

We have been in this industry for almost 30 years, and not a day goes by that we do not love what we do. At BMG, we get satisfaction from helping propel businesses into the marketplace. We understand how challenging the health and beauty care industry can be. It makes us feel good to see great products and businesses succeed.

Experience/track record

Whether it be with budding entrepreneurs, medium size businesses looking to grow their companies, large organizations who are stuck on a specific account, or international manufacturers looking to break into the US market, we bring results by having a highly experienced and aggressive sales force. For almost 30 years, we have built relationships with retailers and connections to private equity, but have also refined our strategies. BMG has produced sales of more than $250 million for 8 straight years. Many organizations and companies know to come to us because of our proven track record and unique skills that set us apart from our competitors. We utilized our strong financial background to expand the scale of scope of our business, transforming the company from a regional sales agency to a full-service international sales, marketing and operations company.

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